Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gamakatsu 4X Strong Hook


Tuf Line XP

Western Filament's Tuf Line XP is a small-diameter Spectra® braid designed to lay evenly on the spool. Tuf Line XP is produced under a high-tension process allowing for greater compaction of the fibers, making it stronger than other braids. Tuf Line XP's advanced finishing process also produces a line that boasts higher abrasion resistance and near-zero stretch with excellent knot performance. Color: Moss Green.
Berkley's Gulp! Alive Spray

Berkley's Gulp! Alive Spray Attractant is a quick and easy way to make your bait come alive with a fish-attracting scent that will greatly increase your catch-rate. Effective on soft bait, hard bait and even live bait, this Berkley spray-on fish attractant is like having a blood trail in the water that fish can't refuse chasing and striking.


Motion Eaze

Alta Labs' MotionEaze Motion Sickness Treatment stops motion sickness even after it starts! This all-natural relief takes effect in just five minutes with no drowsiness. Just a drop of MotionEaze behind each ear is all it takes for relief. Manufacturer's money-back guarantee. 5ml bottle contains forty applications. ______________________________________

Salt Away

The saltwater angler's friend, Salt-Away contains ingredients that attack and remove salt from any surface. Pre-treating surfaces helps protect against costly repairs caused by the corrosive action of salt. Works great on motors, fishing equipment, diving gear, boat, and all other surfaces exposed to salt. Biodegradable and non-toxic.