Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spider Thread, Now available!!

Spider Thread Micro Braid

The latest generation in GelSpun fibre braiding technology. Manufactured from 100% Spectra Fibre, 10 times stronger then Steel, braiding system makes it as smooth, and soft as a Spiders web. It's High Tension Bonding ensures, a round compact braid providing excellent castability, and resists burying into spool.

Spiderthread Micro Braid has little or no stretch, making it easy to detect the softest of bites that you normally would have missed. Spiderthread Micro Braid's tight braid has no memory and consequently rod tip knots and wind knots are never a problem as with older technologies.


Spiderthread Micro Braid is suitable for all Fishing Reels in any application, and unlike previous generation, Spiderthread Micro Braid will never cut into your Rod Guides or Line roller on Spinning Reels.

Hurry Up while stock last!!!

Only available at Lun Fishing

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Arrivals!!!

LIVE TARGET Koppers Frog
C/w 2 sizes(5/8oz & 3/4oz), 4 different colours


Scum Frog

New Grub
C/with wonderful glittering colors

Mimic Minnow